Li Qian listened to secretly nod

Two days in August, Chaishao will mobilize a group to Beijing to face St. bodyguard escort. Luckily, this time their pomp, and along with the Inn, Li Qian as long as the safety perform you can do Chaishao.

At noon on August four, Chai Shao, who arrived Chang.

Chang, this historic city’s most majestic, magnificent, Lee has the potential to make very fascinating previous life. Life, Li Qian have the chance to come here and see this fantastic city, and overlook the previous life of wish.

Not but entered Chang’an, the cattle ranked Bute far noticed on the Chang’an City in the earth, uttered not support but exclaim, “wow! Really huge ah.” Attracted a crowd burst of laughter.

Team Ho thirteen laughed: “Brother cow, this is the distance it, so you know what went into the large.”

Li Qian listened to secretly nod. Previous life, he had observed a information, the above talk about week-long Chang’an kilometers, an location of ​​about 84 square kilometers, is the eighteenth century as the world’s biggest city, and was the first city with a population of over a million. If these numbers are not intuitive how much the functionality of Chang’an. So following these figures may be even more individuals have an intuitive impression. It is estimated that the size of Gongming S. Chang capital city of the instances, Beijing’s Ming and Qing times, seven occasions the ancient city of Rome. The scale of a thousand years ago is absolutely shocking. Even later, many cities nevertheless can not attain the region of ​​the ancient Chang’an scale.

Certain enough, the other approached, Li Qian found as well grandiose of Chang’an City. Outdoors the city walls are twenty feet high, although the walls than the other cities look to be quick, to the wall as well long, did see the finish. Standing on the wall beneath, folks feel really tiny. And this time they are taking is in the south of Matilda door. This door is the main door Chang, five openings, openings are practically twenty feet wide each and every, add up to nearly 5 feet wide openings.

Ordinarily, this ought to be great via the wide road. Lee, however, that potential surprise, the steady stream of folks coming and going right here, and the flow density can be described with Mojiancazhong.

Ordinarily, this should be very good by means of the wide road. Monlcer UK Lee, even so, that prospective surprise, the steady stream of men and women coming and going here, Monlcer Jacket UK and the flow density can be described with Mojiancazhong.

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