Management Principles From Bhagavad Gita, Biz, model worth 100 Crores

Worldwide ACT, offering business focused options for end-to-end personnel development has announced a unique corporate instruction module “Management Principles from Bhagavad Gita” in India. Soon after seeing enormous response from the corporate, International ACT is taking the plan to the subsequent level by launching a DVD titled, “Management Principles from Bhagavad Gita” for retail.
The launch was graced by His Grace Rishi Kumar Das, Spokesperson, ISCKON, Mr. Sudhir Mangala, Governor, Rotary District 3011 and Justice S N Dingra, Judge, Delhi High Court. Also present were best notch business honchos, Mr. L.K Gupta Head Vocational College – ITI Projects, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., Mr. Abhay Kapoor, Associate VP- Corporate HR, Escorts, Mr. N. K Verma, Chairman, Diamond Pocket Books, Mr. Neeraj Gulati, Managing Director, Assotech Realty, Mr. R. K. Dua, Managing Director, Relaxo Footwear and Mr. Umang Das, Chief Mentor – VIOM Networks.
Mr. Vivek Bindra, Founder, Global ACT realized that the modern management concepts of vision, leadership, motivation, excellence in work, decision creating, and planning are all discussed in Bhagavad Gita. “Whilst western management frequently bargains with issues at material, external, and peripheral levels, the Bhagavad Gita tackles the troubles from the grass roots level of human pondering,” quips Mr. Bindra.
Sharing an independent survey, he stated that far more than 80% of the personnel are disengaged. A lot more than 90% workers are acting as passengers, and significantly less than 10% are drivers in the organizations. “This is an alarming scenario, as it leads to continuous dissatisfaction, extreme anxiety, folks committing suicide, improve in divorces, intoxication or addictions, which additional affects the overall performance.”
The DVD launched by Worldwide ACT talks about the solutions provided by Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita. “Mode of goodness is Satav guna, where Krishna focuses on how a leader can focus while remaining detached in his endeavors,” adds Mr. Bindra.
Sharing her knowledge on the training module, Dr. Ms. Preeti Shukla, Head HR – Amul Dairy (Gujarat) mentioned, “We have carried out a workshop on Management Principles from Bhagavad Gita by Mr. Vivek Bindra. It taught us so many principles of Management from Bhagavad Gita, which can be applied in our day-to-day life too.”
Highlights of “Management Principles from Bhagavad Gita:
*The key message is how to fight your own battle. Like Arjuna, had his battle, anyone and everybody from Lawyer, student, medical professional, CA, Media individual to the teacher everybody will have their own battles. Bhagavad Gita trains one to cultivate the bounce back capability in hard conditions.
*It aids 1 to move from becoming a worrier to warrior. As an alternative of becoming strongly mental you turn out to be mentally robust, instead of feeling hopeless you have to evolve as a person with Endless hopes.
*It helps leaders &amp management steer their organization in difficult instances and bounce back even a lot more powerfully.
*It covers all type of required leadership in management wisdom which assists individuals to deal with tough occasions in today’s corporate culture
*It supplies essence of creating leadership into goodness. How a leader can remain focused although remaining detached in his endeavors.
*It is primarily based on timeless principles like Gravity, the notion which is universal and cannot be challenged. Lord Krishna spoke about these principles 5200 years ago, and they are definitely valid and can be applied in the today’s modern day corporate scenario.
Speaking about the impact of Global ACT’s training modules, Mr. Vikas Agarwal – Director Assotech Realty Pvt. Ltd. said, “We are getting related with Mr. Bindra from last two years and we had a superb encounter with him. International Act has been the organization of highly expert and talented folks. I strongly recommend Mr. Bindra for various trainings in diverse firms for his acumen as trainer. He understands the actual critical problems of a company and then brings great value addition to the organization by way of his trainings.”
The company, Worldwide ACT is targeting to cross INR one hundred crore mark by the end of next year i.e. 2016. They are getting severe with their expansion plans not only within the nation but also have plans to go International with offices in Dubai and Singapore. In India they are coming up with offices in Mumbai and Bangalore operational soon.
The DVD is offered with instant impact on the internet and standard book stores at the cost of INR 699/-.

About the Company:
Worldwide ACT has ventured into acquiring new corporate clientele by leveraging upon its signature strength of undertaking extended term interventions and helping our esteemed customers experience an exponential expansion in their growth, profitability and liquidity. All the interventions focus on inculcating appropriate values and are centered on leadership principles from Bhagavad Gita.
Some of our most sought soon after lengthy term interventions initiated by Mr. Vivek Bindra are Program and Process Re-engineering, Cultural Shift and Changeover, Aging Organization, Measurable Benefits with Handholding Support, Competency Mapping, Talent-Will Assessment, Succession Preparing, Leadership in Pipeline, Organizational Restructuring, Appropriate sizing, Downsizing, Surveys and Assessments… and therefore forth.

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