Post Polio Sufferers Try Age-Old Mineral Bath Treatments

Somehow, every thing old becomes new again. Mineral bath therapy, or balneotherapy, is undoubtedly not new. Water immersion in spas has been practiced for centuries and the practice has many believers. For thousands of years, people in Europe sought out water cures for different ailments.

Lately, sufferers suffering from post polio syndrome “put history to the test” by attempting mineral baths and massage to alleviate their symptoms.

Post polio syndrome is a condition that may create a number of decades right after a individual had polio. Possessing the syndrome does not imply that the individual has created polio once again.

Post polio syndrome is a very gradually progressing condition marked by lengthy periods of stability. It is seldom life threatening. It is estimated that 25 percent to 40 percent of folks who had polio during childhood will develop post polio syndrome 30 to 40 years later.

Several health care experts know quite small about the syndrome, since polio was practically eliminated in the 1950s.

Symptoms incorporate new muscle weakness, fatigue and discomfort. Muscle tissues whose nerves had been broken due to the fact of polio are the identical muscles that can weaken and waste away. People with post polio syndrome can create weakness in muscles that they did not recognize were affected by polio. There is no cure for post polio syndrome. Treatment is aimed at controlling symptoms and studying new techniques to remain active and productive.

Royal Oak resident Bill Pickett, founder of the southeastern chapter of the Post Polio Syndrome Help Group, contracted polio at 9 months old. He spent a month in an iron lung and his proper leg was left paralyzed by the illness. Pickett not too long ago volunteered to take element in treatments at St. Joseph Hospital’s Bath Wing in Mount Clemens.

“It really is another tool I can use,” Pickett stated of the mineral baths and massages, which are also available to the basic public. A 30-minute mineral bath costs about $ 40, and a a single-hour bath and massage package runs $ 75.

In the course of a two-week period, Pickett tried day-to-day mineral baths and six massages. He also used a mineral gel rub every single day. The Birmingham-primarily based AcheAway Corp., which manufactures the gel rub for at-property use, paid for the volunteers’ treatments. AcheAway items are produced from Mount Clemens minerals, but the products do not have the oily black film and sulfur smell that marked mineral baths of the late 19th century.

Pickett stated the massages and baths offered some relief from his symptoms. Right after employing crutches for 25 years and spending time at the pc keyboard, his hands have been “worn out.” Pickett mentioned he has noticed improvement in his hands soon after using the remedies. He also noted improvements in sleep, and mentioned he was able to reduce some of his medications whilst taking component in the experiment.

There are a few scientific studies measuring the positive aspects of mineral baths. However, none of the studies involved individuals with post polio syndrome.

Earlier this year, researchers studied patients utilizing mineral baths at a European wellness resort.

The remedy resulted in improved circulation. In 2001, Russian medical doctors studied the effects of mineral baths on young children with brain injuries.

The kids received workout routines, massage and baths. The doctors found that these remedies diminished the number and severity of symptoms. A two-week double blind study in Israel with individuals suffering from osteoarthritis in the knees identified substantial improvement at the finish of the remedy.

Preventive efforts right now are focused on wiping out polio. Problems with the oral polio vaccine, which utilised reside polio virus, brought on the United States Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices to modify its policy on polio vaccinations. It is now recommended that an inactive Polio Vaccine-only immunization schedule be followed.

Physicians advocate that polio survivors maintain standard healthier lifestyle practices, such as consuming a properly- balanced diet regime, working out in moderation, and going to a medical doctor routinely. The following way of life modifications are deemed the most helpful: using energy-saving strategies, employing household assist, getting special gear, modifying the residence, cutting back on work, and following a general conditioning workout system.

There has been much debate about whether or not to encourage or discourage physical exercise for polio survivors or individuals with post polio syndrome.

AcheAway is the maker of AcheAway Gel Rub, Bath Salts and Massage Lotion, which all use the 34 All-natural Minerals found in Mineral Water from Mt. Clemens, Michigan.

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Birmingham-based AcheAway Corp. makes this gel rub made from Mount Clemens minerals. The products, getting tested by post polio syndrome sufferers, do not have the oily black film and sulfur smell of mineral baths of the late 19th century.

Royal Oak resident Bill Pickett, pictured at house with wife Carol, contracted polio at 9 months old. He recently underwent therapies for polio survivors at St. Joseph Hospital’s Bath Wing in Mount Clemens.

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