The “New Roman Style” a fascinating itinerary to uncover the hidden corners of Rome, from style to design, art and cuisine, right here are all the most in places in the capital.

Rome the Eternal City? Of course, if you consider of all the treasures and artistic masterpieces in the capital that represent human civilization from ancient Roman occasions, by means of the Renaissance and Baroque. But Rome is also significantly more than this. In recent years it has grow to be an open-air artistic and cultural “workshop”. Alongside its historic monuments, the function that distinguishes it about the globe, there are initiatives that look to the present and the future, just as in London, Paris and New York. There are flourishing modern art galleries, avant-garde buildings, trendy shops and evening spots that go in for designer décor and minimal chic, whilst the oriental and ethnic designs hold sway in nearly all the neighbourhoods. In other words, you never require to go abroad to find out what is all the rage, simply because Rome has turn into a globe leader in fashion, art and style.

In the spirit of Zen, with a minimalist look and a desire to seek out the trendiest places in the city, taste oriental dishes or get pleasure from the ritual of a fashionable aperitif follow our itinerary of the most recent and most exotic spots in the capital.

A shop that has become 1 of the most popular in the city opened some time ago appropriate next door to the Hotel dei Piranesi. It is a boutique, a feng shui furnishings centre, a florist’s, a café, a restaurant, an art gallery, a bookshop, a beauty salon, in a nutshell it is a idea shop named Tad. In the quite heart of Rome this is the perfect spot to begin your day, it is a modular space of 1000 square metres, streamlined and decorated with gaudy colours, housing a varied collection of items for the house and for personal use. Give yourself a new look with the help of an expert stylist, get a shantung garment and get pleasure from a coffee with an Arabic aroma to begin the day with renewed power. You will discover the most original items with a distinct focus on oriental trends (Tad, Through del Babuino, 155a Tel. 06 32669511).

Not far away, in By way of Vittoria, there is another temple of oriental culture. It is referred to as Thè Verde (Via Vittoria, 23 Tel. 06 32110174) soon after the green tea that is so well-liked in China and Japan. Getting into this modest shop is like plunging into a Zen atmosphere. Every little thing is arranged with the utmost care in a way that reminds you of the rules of feng shui. Soft lighting, big brickwork shelves and modest niches improve the show of very unique objects that incorporate, for instance, Chinese vases, Middle-Eastern necklaces, silk and cashmere shawls, but above all tea services and the ingredients for the tea drinking ritual. Continuing down the exact same street, at number 55 you come to a young designer’s small jewellery shop Cristina Di Stefano Creazioni Orafe (Tel. 06 6791546). This really minimal shop has just opened and displays and sells fascinating designer jewellery in gold and silver with gemstones and precious stones in all shapes and colours. It is the excellent place if you are looking for a special gift for a trendy spirited person who will be confident of wearing an absolutely original and special piece of jewellery.

Naturally a piece of jewellery like this demands the correct outfit to match it. Il Baco da Seta (Through Vittoria, 75 Tel. 06 6793907) is just the spot for this. The name of this boutique indicates “silkworm” and right here, of course, silk reigns supreme and it is worked in thousands of techniques in colours that range from hemp to orange, from desert shades to Mediterranean hues. There are fascinating garments by young designers who draw inspiration from the Orient and interpret the lines of samurai and geisha garments in a modern day crucial. If you choose the African style to the Orient, then spend a go to to Monies (Via Vittorai, 37) a little, chic, ethnic shop selling objects, furniture and products for property decoration inspired by the desert and safari style, and whilst we’re on the subject, pop into Exante Due at quantity 13 in the identical street, where you are going to appreciate picking truly unusual pieces of costume jewellery.

Now it really is time for a coffee break or, if you want to be really trendy, for a stylish aperitif. The “in” place is Shaki (By way of Mario de’ Fiori, 29/a Tel. 06 6791694), a wine bar that has turn out to be a should for the young and trendy. It is modest, but gives a wonderful range of teas and coffees with most uncommon flavours, as nicely as appetizing snacks and great wine. Modern in style, every thing right here has that unmistakable designer touch, from the cups and plates to the glasses and napkins. If there is anything that requires your fancy and you’d like to buy it, you can find it at the Shaki shop not far away in Piazza di Spagna (no. 65 Tel. 06 6786605).

We continue our itinerary by means of the new modish capital with a pay a visit to to the Galleria Colonna, named right after the actor Alberto Sordi, which has lately reopened and grow to be a focal point for Rome fashions. A brief walk requires you to one particular of the newest bookstores in the Feltrinelli chain. This is a huge space devoted to culture, which, as properly as books and music, also has an art gallery that mounts exhibitions for young up-and-coming artists, photographers and sculptors, and a music bar exactly where live jazz or blues is played at each and every Sunday brunch.

If you really like technologies and all the latest high-tech inventions, you are going to uncover two original shops in the Galleria Colonna. Tech it Straightforward has all the craziest and funniest designer electronic gadgets in circulation, and Sony Gallery displays the most current novelties by this Japanese organization and is a real temple of higher-tech.

Do you like the way out? Then Jam is the place for you. On the Corner of the Galleria Colonna, on the By way of del Corso side is a vast space on two floors selling uncommon, weird, crazy clothes, objects and souvenirs that often verge on the kitsch, but are absolutely distinctive.

Now it’s time for lunch and we recommend two restaurants in the region. At Reef (Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 40/42 Tel. 06 68301430) the sea and its habitat function in a minimalist key and are the theme of the whole style. Entering this restaurant is like plunging into tropical seas each as regards the décor and the menu. The undulating plates of glass resemble the rippling waves of the sea, the balustrades produced of iron rods are close meshed like fishing nets, even the iron seems to have been rusted by salt water. The lighting and colours all generate a soft atmosphere. And the food is really sublime. Gusto (Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 9 Tel. 06 3236363), even so, is anything else. Apart from becoming a extremely very good restaurant, wine bar and pizzeria, it also has a bookstore mostly devoted to books on gastronomy from all more than the globe, and a shop, so it is the best place for these who like to study a newspaper or book more than lunch.

Now we’ll take in some art. The Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna (Via delle Belle Arti, 131 Tel. 06 322981 Tues-Sat 8.30 am – 7.30 pm, Sun 9 am – 7.30 pm) is located in the Villa Borghese, a single of the loveliest parks in Rome, and has one of the most interesting 19th-century Italian Neoclassical, Romantic and Futurist painting and sculpture, as well as functions by numerous 20th-century artists which includes De Chirico, Morandi and Marini. Outdoors the gallery is the Caffè delle Arti, the perfect spot for a coffee in the open air and it is extremely popular especially at lunchtime. Lovers of contemporary art can go to the extremely new exhibition space MACRO (Via Reggio Emilia, 54 Tel. 06 67107900 Tues- Sun 9 am – 7 pm, public holidays 10 am – two pm, Mon closed). MACRO is housed in the converted Birra Peroni factory, built at the beginning of the 20th century and has turn into a dynamic, cultural centre that includes six exhibition rooms, a bookstore, a lecture hall, a workshop and a bar. It has a permanent collection of operates by world well-known contemporary artists from the 1960s to the present, and periodically mounts short-term art exhibitions.

Now it’s time to loosen up ahead of facing Roman nightlife, devote a couple of hours to your personal properly-becoming and take pleasure in an oriental ritual. Rome also has its Hammam (La Culla del Benessere, Via della Maratona, 87 Tel. 06 36298573) and it is right here that you’ll neglect your day-to-day tension and fatigue in the absolute peace and quiet of this temple of beauty. Let yourself be carried away by the magical exotic atmosphere of distant lands, surrounded by objects and ornaments from Morocco, by walls painted in Mediterranean colours, and sofas and armchairs covered in rich fabrics. An oriental medical professional will make you welcome and then follows the full Turkish bath ritual like washing with black, date oil soap, gommage, a massage and to finish off a fragrant cup of mint tea. Now in best kind, hunting really great you are ready for the Rome nightlife. An absolute must amongst the extremely newest gourmet haunts is The Place, in the Prati neighbourhood, (Via Alberico II, 27 Tel. 06 68307137). This is a restaurant and American bar in a quite minimal eclectic style, which in addition to an fascinating menu with dishes from all more than the globe, has reside music each and every day ranging from jazz to blues, funky and ethnic. If you favor to go to a concert of classical or modern day music verify the programme of the new Auditorium della Musica (Through Pietro De Coubertin Tel. 06 8082058 or 06 80242350/1, made by Renzo Piano, yet another temple of design and style, where the acoustics, thanks to the unique technique of lines and shapes, is genuinely extraordinary. And if you want a late meal, subsequent to the Auditorium is an additional cult spot Red (By means of Pietro De Coubertin, 30 Tel. 06 80691630), this is one of the ultimate designer night spots exactly where the red of the little mushroom-shaped armchairs and curious tables sets the tone, and exactly where you can have dinner or merely taste the scrumptious snacks late into the night.

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