Tourism Situation in India

Tourism Situation in India
The Indian tourism and hospitality sector has emerged as one particular of the important drivers of growth amongst the services sector in India. Tourism in India is a prospective game changer. It is a sun rise market, an employment generator, a substantial supply of foreign exchange for the nation and an financial activity that aids regional and host communities. India is a tourism solution which is unparalleled in its beauty, uniqueness, wealthy culture and history has been aggressively pursuing the promotion of tourism both internationally as nicely as in the domestic industry.

According to UNWTO,
India Ranks 41stin the international tourist arrivals,
India Ranks 16th in the globe Tourism Receipts and
India Ranks 7th in Asia Pacific Region for Tourism receipts
Tourism Contributes INR six,780 Billion to GDP
6.2% contribution to GDP.
7.five% anticipated growth for the year 2014
three,54,39,000Total Jobs (Direct &amp Indirect)
7.7% contribution to Employment.
*Source: Planet Financial Forum Travel &amp Tourism Competitiveness Report 2013.

GDP was INR six,631.6 bn (6.two% of GDP) in 2013
Forecast to rise by 7.three% in 2014,
to rise by 7.% pa to INR 13,983. bn (six.8% of GDP) in 2024.

Travel &amp Tourism straight supported two,23,20,000(2.2 Crore)jobs
Which is 4.9% of total employment
And is expected to rise by two.five% in 2014
To be rise by 2.1% per annum to 2,80,81,000(2.8 Crore)jobs
(5.1% of total employment) in 2024.
Travel &amp Tourism investment in 2013 was INR 1,938.7 bn
6.2% of total investment.
Estimates to rise by 9.8% in 2014
6.five% per annum over the subsequent ten years to INR three,981.3 bn in 2024 (six.four% of total).
Employment In Travel Trade
On the internet Travel Agent
Travel Agency Executive
Travel Documentation Facilitator
Foreign Exchange Executive
Travel Consultant
Travel Counselors
Tour Guides
Tour Escort
Tour Operator
Adventure travel guide
Foreign Language Guide
On-line Travel Agency Executive
Tour operations executive
Rural tour guide
Health tourism counselor
Tourism Officer in Govt. Departments
Tourist Information Centre Executive
Theme Park Manager

India’s Best 3 Inbound Travel Firms
Le Passage to India Tours &amp Travels Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi
Kuoni Travels (India) Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon
M/s Thomas Cook India Ltd &amp its subsidiaries

*Supply: India’s National Tourism Awards 2013

India’s Best Travel Agencies
Make my trip
Thomas Cook
Cox &amp Kings
Go ibibo
Akbar Travels

Some Tourism Associated Micro- Business for Self- Employment
1.Travel &amp Tour Operator
two.Wayside Amenities
3.Homestay/Paying Guest facility
4.Guiding solutions
five.Restaurants/Café/Meals Outlets/ Outdoor Catering
6.Taxi/Cab/Choose n Drop
7.Jeep Safari
eight.Tourist Camp Websites
9. Souvenir Outlet
ten.Wellness &amp Wellness Outlet

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