Discover Love Tantra in the Heart of Goa

According to SOHYAA Following the path of Tantra yoga is exploring an ultimate path of enlightenment exactly where every little thing in you is utilised, transformed, to fuel your physique, your getting and your heart to attain the highest top quality of life, of consciousness and of really like.

SOHYAA in Goa, India, introduces the notion of really like tantra. Introducing the notion of really like tantra is an attempt of promoting a spiritual understanding of tantra as a approach to develop compassion for all living beings. The universe was born out of the spiritual union between Shiva and Shakti. This ought to be celebrated, not via the impersonal practice of sex as it is typically been promoted by means of tantra but as a celebration of love, intimacy and deep respect for the sacred aspect of passion. Really like tantra is made the headline because it places at the center the thought of enjoy itself.

In Western societies as effectively as in India, religion (with a capital R) and porn has alienated the really like element from sex. Additional, in the rush for carriers and material prosperity, really like, intimacy and passion is neglected and at some point forgotten. For numerous, it means redraw from the most important elements of life….connecting to our personal love power by means of passion. We can have sex but we have forgotten how to make adore. Passion is the greatest victim of this. So we seek to porn or sexual adventures in an try to compensate. But we are left with a feeling of emptiness.

The vision of SOHYAA is (re)connecting individuals with their personal really like energy and spiritual core. No matter whether you have passionate sex or you go to the local shop to acquire groceries it must be an act of enjoy.

Sohyaa’s method is not for these in search of entertaining adventures but for critical people dedicated to the depth of tantra and interested in how to lead a day-to-day tantric life…and also a a lot more happy and fulfilling life.

Tantric enjoy awakening is a journey from ignorance to understanding, from pleasure to bliss and from individuality to the path of losing your self and enmeshing oneself in spiritual really like.

Never take our word for it….come and try it for your self.

Discover the Magic energies of Love Tantra in Goa

Raising the Kundalini Energy is not magical…but the effects may be…

Tantra in Goa introduces the notions of really like tantra. The course helps you to connect with your personal adore energy or if you have a partner it assists you to reconnect the love to your companion.

Following the path of Tantra yoga is exploring an ultimate path of enlightenment exactly where almost everything in you is used, transformed, to fuel your body, your becoming, and your heart to reach the highest high quality of life, of consciousness and of adore.

Really like tantra courses/ workshops consists of

Everyday morning practice
– Pranayamas (individual breathwork).
– Kundalini Kriyas (meditation yoga).
– Discovering your true self by means of active relaxation and meditation.

Afternoon sessions: Tantra Philosophy

Discover about the accurate nature of really like. How to apply conventional philosophy in contemporary life – such as actively transforming your private life:
– Applying the philosophy and wisdom of Shiva and Shakti – connect with your masculine and feminine power.
– Kundalini – theory of the Serpent energy – reaching your highest potential.
– Tantric Sacred Sexuality and enjoy – connect with your adore power.

Tantric practice
– Discovering the lost connection with 1 personal self and love connection among partners by Tantric Body and Breath Function.

Evening session
– The sacred art of Tantric Massage.

Come and join to find out how to raise your energy. It is not a magical. It comes with daily practice and dedication to major a balanced life.

Pratik Agrawal is an specialist Yoga teacher and founder of the School of Holistic Yoga and Ayurveda Goa in India. Article writing his passion, In this article he publicly shares the actual advantages of tantra immersion course goa

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