How to Attract and Date a Hot Woman

Here’s a easy query I want you to ask oneself:

“Do I Want to Date Hot Ladies?”

I am not speaking about your average girl at the bar who is okay seeking. I am talking about the type of lady who walks by and Each guy stops what he’s undertaking. This is the sort of girl that most males can only dream of dating.

Almost each and every guy I’ve met desires to date a lady like this! But, most never ever have a opportunity!

Why’s that?

Properly the answer is straightforward… Your average guy doesn’t even attempt!

Normally, when a man sees a woman like this, he’ll have a brief fantasy about what it would be like to date her. But, when it comes time to “man up” and method, he makes an excuse about how he has no likelihood.

Allow me to let you in on a little secret…

99% of men make excuses when it comes time to strategy a extremely attractive woman. Generally, they SETTLE for the lady they feel they can get. Without having even trying, these guys just give up!

On the other hand, there’s the 1% of men who are not afraid to take a likelihood. Even if they never attract the interest of the girl, they nevertheless have the courage to attempt!

So what is my point?

In order to “get” (and date) hot females, you have to take a possibility!

To reword a popular quote by Wayne Gretsky, “The only time you have % opportunity of achievement is when you don’t take a shot!”

Now if you uncover oneself tongue-tied and unable to strategy the lovely females you see, then you need to get to the root of your mental stumbling block. In fact, there is a two-step answer to this dilemma.

Initial, you require to create a strong mindset when it comes to ladies.

To get more than this hump, you need to generate a list of affirmations that you overview on a everyday basis. These are sayings that you recite which develop a constructive state of thoughts. For instance, you could use affirmations that sound like this:

* “I am a good hunting guy”

* “I can successfully strategy ladies”

* “I have a lot to say to girls throughout a conversation”

* “I am a entertaining, energetic guy”

With affirmations, you can reprogram your thoughts to consider in a optimistic manner that’ll make you far more desirable and intriguing to women.

The second solution is a tiny more tough. You want to realize the appropriate way to communicate. The key dilemma that guys have around desirable girls is they simply do not know how to talk to them.

Honestly, making attraction with an uber-hot girl comes down to A single factor: Realizing how to flirt. If you can flirt, you speak to girls on a level that most guys fail to realize.

Flirting isn’t about asking inquiries. And it’s not about in search of rapport. In fact, flirting can be swiftly designed by avoiding statements that guys usually use to establish a frequent interest.

In essence, flirting is about generating sexual tension. It is that delicate balance amongst teasing a lady, while making her perform for your interest.

So if you want to attract (and date) a hot lady, the ideal way to make an impression is to not compliment her or do what other guys do. Instead boldly approach her and uncover a way to develop that sexual tension that’s necessary for all flirting conversations! You are going to uncover that subtly teasing and bantering is one of the greatest methods to attract even the hottest girls around.

Want to find out a Confirmed WAY for flirting and sexually attracting ladies? If so, take a appear at Steve Scott’s Flirting Guide which gives a step-by-step strategy for flirting with girls!

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