Private Maternity Care London

For state of the art private maternity care you will obtain a warm welcome at The Woman’s Wellness Centre.

We offer a one particular quit shop for all your healthcare maternity demands, which includes:

An Obstetrician – For extensive consultant led private maternity care appointments that will see you via from the earliest stages of your pregnancy to the birth. Your obstetrician will also deliver your child in a single of the leading private labour suites in London.

Access to an Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit – If you have a history of miscarriage or other complications or if you have any pain or bleeding, the unit can give early trans-vaginal ultrasound scans. Internal scans might pick up detail from the tiniest embryo, enabling you to see your baby’s heartbeat. This service is accessible on request.

Ultrasound Scans – We supply the complete range of scans, including dating scans, nuchal translucency scans, anomaly scans, and 4D scans so you can see and get to know your baby prior to he or she is born and keep memorable and remarkable photographs of your small 1 in the womb.

Fetal Screening Tests – We offer you fetal screening tests such as amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling. If you have an inheritable situation in your loved ones or you are over 36 and have an elevated likelihood of obtaining a infant with genetic issues you may want to have these tests.

Outpatient Midwifery Care – Many females would like 1 to a single midwifery care. With the Woman’s Wellness Centre you can select to have antenatal checks in the comfort of your personal residence. Our midwives can also help you program your birth, they can provide you with support in the course of the post natal stage and give you tips on breastfeeding.

A Counsellor – If you are stressed in the course of pregnancy or you’ve had IVF and have anxieties about your well being and your baby’s wellness, you can talk to our qualified counsellor and midwife who will assist you de-pressure and find answers to your issues.

A Physiotherapist – If you have pregnancy connected back discomfort, sore ankles, sciatica or symphysis pubis dysfunction our physiotherapist can supply you with customized assessments and exercises to boost posture and ease your discomfort. The physiotherapist can also treat pelvis floor disorders if you have anxiety incontinence or organ prolapse after your delivery.

A Nutritionist – Our nutritionist can appear at your diet regime and way of life and how this will impact on your pregnancy. They can also design and style a nutritional programme that is tailored particularly to your own physique, giving your infant outstanding nutrition with which to grow.

A Massage Therapist – Our massage therapist can sooth away your aches and pains, increase your circulation and assist eliminate toxins by gentle soft tissue massage.

An Acupuncturist – Our acupuncturist can support you handle the unpleasant side-effects of pregnancy or if you are having IVF, could improve your odds of succeeding.

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